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We’re a family-owned business that provides the latest and finest LED products for your bike, golf cart and more.
Plus we service our customers like crazy. 
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We are bikers just like you. And we have real jobs too, delivering great LED solutions!

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We service the hell out of what we sell. Always working to make our customers happy!

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Everything you need to ride in style. And we you need it, we'll get it.

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We're always around to help you find what you need. Just let us know.

We Service What We Sell

We can’t say that enough here. We have customers all over the planet who count on us for the latest gear, but also to be here with something needs our support. That’s what really separates us from the others. And hey, if we see you at an event we want a hug, not a punch!

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"There is something about lighting your bike with Fusion LEDs that I love.It can be addictive. "

Lena Headey

"It’s your bike, dude, your personality, you must decide what to do with it. It's always better to stand out in a crowd."

Patric Castillo

"Custom Fusion LED's are the best way to let people know you're coming! Unless of course your hog is really loud."



We want to be your go-to LED solution for your bike, golf cart or car.

We are always watching out the latest and greatest products to present you here on our site. Our customers like living on the leading edge of life, and we take our jobs providing your lighting solutions to help you do just that.  Besides, we love you guys!